Considering A New Truck For Your Trucking Business

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Considering A New Truck For Your Trucking Business

Buying an additional or different semi-truck for your trucking business is a great way to grow the company and take on more jobs. Working with a dealer that sells trucks like the Cascadia Revolution or trucks like them is an excellent place to start. 

Used Truck Options

Buying a used truck can be your best option when starting out or expanding your business. Often a good used semi-truck still has a lot of life left in it. If it has the options you need, the and price is right, then it can be a good choice for your growing business. 

The truck dealer you are working with may have many different models available on the lot, but if you are looking for a Cascadia Evolution, let the dealer know that they can show you what they have available. If the dealer you are at does not have the truck you are looking for, you could try the dealership where they sell new trucks to see if they resell trade-ins or send them all to an auction. 

In some cases, the dealer will keep the best used semi-trucks to sell used, and if it is a factory dealer, you may even find trucks that have had an extremely detailed inspection so they can be sold as factory-certified used trucks. In some cases, a truck in this category will any have a limited warranty on it, making it an even better option for a small business. 

Pricing and Financing

Once you find the right semi-truck for your needs, talk to the dealer about the price and look the truck over for things that may affect that. If there are things you find that are not working or need attention, you may be able to get the price reduced some to help offset fixing it, or you may find that the dealer is willing to fix these items without charging you anything additional for the semi-truck.

If you will finance the truck, check with the dealer selling the Cascadia Evolution you want to see if they offer financing programs or if you will need to get private financing. Some dealerships work with local banks and finance companies to get the financing taken care of for you, but others may not, and you will have to go and apply for the loan at your bank or a local finance company. 

If you need semi-truck financing and can't get it from your bank, there are some truck finance companies that work with trucking businesses to help them grow their business and buy equipment like trucks and trailers. A quick online search will result in a list of companies you may want to try, such as Arrow Truck Sales.

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