Why Lease A Semi-Truck?

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Why Lease A Semi-Truck?

After you're licensed to drive big rigs, you may feel sure you want to pursue the path or an owner-operator instead of working for an established trucking company. Of course, you'll need a stem-truck to make this happen, but when you begin investigating the market, discouragement could set in as you realize you don't have the funds for the trailer you want. Luckily, leasing semi trucks are a viable, positive option too. Some benefits of this arrangement are listed below:

Low Up-front Cost

Often the most obvious benefit is that leasing settles the problem you have as a new owner-operator: low startup funds. When you lease, your out-of-pocket investment could be very low, even nonexistent in some cases. This allows you to jump into work and build up your capital.

Low Maintenance Costs

Some leasing companies will work with you whenever the semi-truck needs repairs. This is another cost-saving measure that is vital for someone who is new to the driving game. You will rarely have to worry about serious maintenance costs that accompany older models, such as transmission replacements, because you simply won't be driving a particular semi-truck that long.


You may not have driven a variety of big rigs due to your inexperience, but leasing allows you to experiment with different models and manufacturers so that when you're finally able to purchase a truck, your choice can be better informed. You won't buy a truck only to later find it's uncomfortable or requires more maintenance than you're willing to deal with. 

Experimentation also allows operation of the latest models with all the latest bells and whistles. You might not be in a position to buy the latest models with enhanced safety features and other perks, but when you lease you can operate them for all your work. 


Once the lease contract is up, you are likely to be presented with a plethora of incentives which encourage you to rent or purchase what you've been driving. You might purchase the semi-truck outright, or you may trade it in. You may even be offered some kind of cash back deal. Having so many options gives you the flexibility to do what works best for the business you're building.

Leasing your truck is one way to begin a long trucking career. Consider different leasing companies and discuss your particular career goals with different agents so your lease agreement is one that you're happy to sign.

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