Ready To Get Rid Of That Old Junker? 4 Things You'll Need To Do Before Selling Your Car To A Salvage Yard

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Ready To Get Rid Of That Old Junker? 4 Things You'll Need To Do Before Selling Your Car To A Salvage Yard

If you're tired of looking at the junk car you have sitting in your yard, and you've had no luck selling it to a private party, it may be time to look into salvage yards. Salvage yards are junk yards that buy old cars, especially those that have little, or no life left in them. Most of these salvage yards will turn around and sell your old car one piece at a time. Others, however, will sell your old car to people who are looking for project cars. Either way, you get the car out of your driveway, and make some extra cash in the process. Before you sell your car to a salvage yard, here are some things you'll need to know that will help make the process easier, especially if this is your first time selling to a salvage yard.

Gather Your Proof of Ownership

When it comes to selling your old car to a salvage yard, you need to prove that you actually own the car. While it is possible to sell a car that you don't have the title to, you'll get more money from the transaction if you can show proof of ownership. Before you call the salvage yards, make sure you have the title on you. If you don't, contact the DMV in your area and obtain a copy of the title. If someone gave you the car, but you never transferred it into your name, be sure you have the bill of sale on you. The bill of sale will help prove ownership for you.

Know the Value of Your Car

If you own your car, and you have proof of ownership, you'll need to know its current value. This is particularly true if the car is still in working condition. Most salvage yards will give you a better price if your car is in running condition. However, you can negotiate a better offer if you know its current value. Be sure to consider age, mileage, and body damage, when doing research on the value of your car. If it has high mileage, considerable body damage, or is old – but not vintage – you're not going to get top dollar for your salvage car.

Arrange for Pickup

Once you've gathered your proof of ownership, and determined the value of your car, you'll need to make arrangements with a salvage yard, like Fox Valley Iron Metal & Auto Salvage Inc. If your car is still operational, you can drive it to the salvage yard. However, if it is no longer operational, you can either tow it to the salvage yard yourself, or arrange to have them pick it up for you. The salvage yard may charge you to pick it up, but it will save you time and money in the long run.

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